Lack of Sanctuary Use

Me and my Alliance try to share sanctuaries as much as we can. It helps us level them up and they do give us some xp on the side. Just the only problem is that they have such a lack of what they can be. One problem of mine is the inability to get interactions and even just supplies in general. Interactions aren’t in supply drops and feed/plays are limited to a total of 4 every 20 hours.

Not to mention that some people have trouble even getting supply drops from the strange placement in their area. Others just don’t have the time or planning to constantly get sanctuary supplies. One of our main alliance missions is to interact with creatures (which gives the least DNA) so wouldn’t that be more of a reason to have it more available?

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I agree. I still dont understand how people get it to level 20. Doesn’t make sense to me


You cannot do that as a single alliance. It requires people to hop from one to another and share it in multiple alliances. Usually a set of 3 or 4 alliances is enough to get a sanctuary to lvl20 in about 4 days, though when certain strategies are used it can go a lot quicker.
You get more sanctuary points if you put level 30 epics in them than low level dinos, so you can level them up quicker. If they are boosted, it goes even faster.

Yeah it’s just such a haggle to spend the time jumping to alliances constantly or spending coins just to get the santuraries better. I didn’t even know people jump between alliances to do that.

It would just be so much easier to have interactions in supply drops as well as a limit upgrade to around 6.

Every 2 weeks we have a couple of visitors :slight_smile: 3 level 20 sanctuaries at all times, filled with a variety of neat stuff.
There’s a gigantic amount of alliances that do this.