Lack of supply drops in my circle

I already contacted supprt on the email address & that was 2 days ago 16/)6/2022. About my issue of the lack of supply drops. Still finding it hard to play the game with this many supply drops. It has not been like this before. I have not heard from support.
Seems though when players mention their issue on here sometimes something is done about it

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This reminds me of the pre-covid days when the blue circle was only 150m. I was lucky to have 3 supply drops in range in any given time and felt really lucky if I got 4. Those days, the yellow circle was just 200m.

The really early days you could dart dino’s in the circle range but you could only collect from the drops if you were in range of the little pulsing circle. When the game first started, you were really forced to get out to play and progress was much slower.