Lack of tech support

I sent in a ticket two days ago and my issue still has not been replied to. I spent $100 for cash, and the game never gave my the item I purchased.

It was sure quick on the draw with taking my money!

In their defence (though its their own fault) they really do have a high volume to deal with due to the issues with the new update.


Hi there Mike_Smith! Rest assured our support team will get back to you as soon as they’re able to. Thank you for your patience.

Patience is harder to come by when the game has limited timers of thing I was going to purchase with the cash I bought.
AR games are already difficult enough since they basically punish those of us who can’t roam around in the world further than their back yard without risk of being hit by speeding cars.


I have still yet to hear from tech support. And my $100 is still missing

Okay? They have lives and with the pass and missions issues they have alot on their plates. Cut davy and breona and everyone else at Ludia/Jam City some slack

Not when I have $100 missing and the item I was going to use it for has expired.

Still haven’t gotten a reply.

Also odd now that the normal offer provides more then the vip offer with the same cost

Still haven’t gotten a reply

Hi again Mike_Smith. We’re facing a higher ticket volume than usual and I’m quite sorry for the longer wait. In the meantime, please note sending another email before our team replies could reset your position in their queue.

10 days without resolve of getting what I purchased is insane though :frowning: