Lack of updates

This is getting old.
Where are the updates at? Nothing has been fixed, major glitches still occur on a daily basis. No new content for quite a while, doesn’t have to be major, just anything really.

Just a lot of nothing throughout the tournament, and just another announcement of another tournament soon.

Seriously? Devs, can you at least acknowledge that you are alive, maybe a small post from the dev team behind the scenes would go a long way.



  • The lack of a real migration has me extremely bored.

  • The minimal recovery time between obligatory tournaments is frustrating (another one “soon” apparently)

  • about half of the uniques arent worthwhile, in those cases… most equally leveled legendaries are better (you know which’s ones I’m referring to)


  • My game used to freeze over a dozen times a day (I :poop: you not!) it’d freeze when I’d get a text, when my alarm would go off, when I’d leave my garage, when my shoes would get untied… this was crazy annoying. Since the most recent update (that needs to be manually done) my game has not frozen once!! About time and glory hallelujah.

  • The scents were a nice addition (still have a tendency to give out garbage though, just slightly more palatable than incubators)

  • I find the increased frequency of strike events hella fun! It’s nice having several of these throughout the week to mix things up, especially with themed opponent dinos and a much appreciated bonus of coins

  • addendum to tournament : the amount and teirs of players receiving prizes in a nice correction, still want a longer break between tournaments tho

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i don’t get how people complain about the tournaments. you can literally just battle like it’s not even going on and if you happen to place high enough you win something. literally nothing bad can come out of it.

migration is dreadful. hasn’t changed in probably 3 months. and being in L3 really puts you at a disadvantage compared to basically every other zone. and it’s just boring darting the same dinos every day.

and the lack of updates is boring too. pterosaurs don’t even count because none are useable. so probably been 3 months since the last useful update too. wonder what the devs do at work if it isn’t updating the game.


I agree, it’s starting to get a little stale. Hunted around for a bit, played a match or two in the arenas today, and just started playing gbw. Almost level 18 now, and rank 538 :grimacing: Only downside is that you have to wait to battle lol.

According to most, we are not supposed to complain… :rofl:
We have to always look at the bright side of things. Regardless of all the issues plaguing the game.
Dinos got nerfed. Okay.
Spawn time and place changes. Okay.
Tons of bugs. Okay.
In between tournaments too close. Okay.

Bottomlime is everything is gonna be alright…:laughing:

I agree … complaining is annoying AF

A little bit of politely worded constructive criticism may help keep me motivated to play longer tho