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Ladder PVP matchup ... to Ludia


Is it possible that pvp in ladder be matched up against players not within our own alliance? This is the only online gaming that i know of battling own members in alliance. I believe its more motivating and encouraging for players within the same alliance to battle harder to bring the whole alliance up the ladder. But now its odd taking trophies from your own members and being matched with each other 5-6 times in a row which makes no sense.


You will never know it until the battle complete. I see no problem here.


Thats not true for the top of the leaderboard where many people know who their fighting often by the dinos and moves they pick… if you happen to be chatting in discord while playing its even easier to find out who your playing…

Like last tournament an alliance literally fed wins to one guy in an attempt to win the tournament… so saying its not an issue is incorrect its already been exploited once.

That said how do you propose to fix it… Apex would be sitting in huge ques and without them taking trophies from each other will most likely control even more top spots.

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With the online battling your alliance is quite bothering, i use irc channel while playing so that you know who is who


I love finding out I was battling a fellow alliance member although there are some matches where I hope I’m not, as I have just embarassed myself … :blush:

Its also nice to be able to apologise when you have just RNGestroyed someone :slight_smile:


Very well said, bro! My feelings, exactly!