Lady’s and gentlemen, we got a new worst creature

Its funny because irritator gen 2 at least does something at ready to crush, this creature just gains hp!

Edit: it is pretty good in arena 1

I don’t get why its bad? Still useful at lower arenas

Not even any armour :joy::joy::joy:

It has Cleanse, this means it gets rid of bleeding/ DOT. Unlike superiority strike. It will have a part to play.

Purely a defensive counter attacker. Disappointing.

So basically just spam shield every turn. How creative. :face_with_monocle:

In this case, you can check Kentro & Tuojiang, they both don’t got any armor.

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They have instant cripple and thagomizer though (well, kentro does). Something to make them useful as tanks!

I thought they nixed cleanse getting rid of DOT?

cleanse still removes all negative effects, while superiority strike will only cleanse distraction

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This makes no sense. Miragaia was special among Stegosaurs for two reasons: first, she was the smallest. Second, she had a rather long neck, more like that of a Triassic prosauropod.

2 attack options make her seem rather defenseless.

They stopped superiority strike being remove all. It was meant as a counter to raptors.
Cleanse still cleanses all negative effects. So gorgo, Indo and this one have a great skill.

Cleanse goes first. Every Bleeder will hit you after you’ve Cleansed yourself. Horrible move because it has priority.

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@HighFlyer15 Not horrible. You take one round of DOT, you then cleanse the bleed and regen lost health. How is that horrible?

Ya gotta have some trash dinos

You wasted a turn doing nothing and will now get another smack in the face, taking away nearly the same amount of HP you just healed. That’s how horrible it is.

The 50% Shield every turn is like 50% armor. It’s like a Lythronax with a heal. Bites back after an attack. Poor damage though. So I think it may be one better than the Lythronax.

Actually I’ve used it in friendly battles with my son, it survives most things. It as level 26 up against a 26 raptor it came out in top. It’s counter attack on top of always shielding it great, the 50% heal is awesome too. Try it out, for a common with 2 seemingly crappy moves, it’s pretty good!

3 cool down makes it worst.

Missed that bit. :expressionless:

I suppose it’s still useful if you can anticipate when your opponent will swap creatures.