Lag and Crash Issues

So before I start bemoaning service providers and/or an older model phone…

Is anyone else having major issues with the game right now?

It started about 2-3 days ago. The park takes a few minutes to load, the pvp prize wheel lags and crashes every other game and at least once every session I’ll just have random shut downs in the middle of feeding a dino.

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This happened for me on my iPhone 6… before mine broke. Then I upgraded and have not faced a crash since.

It’s more than likely that your phone is old/outdated and because JW:TG keeps evolving, updating, and growing it more than likely is taking a toll on your system. I don’t know if Ludia can do anything about this, except creating a “streamlined” mode where it cuts out stuff like dino/buildings/gui animations which are the main cause of the crashes. That’s pretty much all anyone can really do at this point… unless we want to rally and ask Ludia to cut out content that they’ve added previously…

Technology as a whole has a very short lifespan. I call it usage fatigue, where because Phones and technology are constantly used, the small components start to slow down and wear out. Think about how Batteries need to be replaced everywhere. It’s the same reason why high milage cars are so rare, because it takes a lot of preventative maintenance to keep them that way. Technology getting so small in phones, it’s easier for them to slow down and burn out.

Side note, I find this fascinating, because of the Apple controversy where they purposely slowed down old phones. It’s not because Apple was being shady and wanted to get people to upgrade, it was actually the opposite. It was software limiting the wear of the physical components to make them last longer. Funny enough, after that happened my iPhone 6 died fully in about 2 weeks.