Lag persists/game is too slow

Lost another alliance member today, someone who has been around since launch. To no one’s surprise, reason given was how much time is required to complete the daily missions, raids (all the bosses with counter attacks), general slowness trying to get in to sancs to FIP dinos or even just pull up their collection tab to fuse.

Whatever happened around 2.15 to cause this overall slowness has got to get looked at. It shouldn’t take minutes to navigate the tabs, we should be able to play this game while moving, and can’t we just forgo the boss’s counter attack animations? All these things add such a negative overall impact to the game and people are fed up. This game feels more like a chore each and every day.

Never mind the recent paywall/exclusives, out of control power creep or any of that other stuff - if the game is unplayable, who is going to be left around to purchase anything?