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Lagging, glitches, and sadness

Apparently the screen record I made isn’t authorized to post but I’m so frustrated! Every single time I tried to dart a dino it glitches and jerks making it impossible to dart. Every second dart would jerk then lag making the dart land completely away from the dino. I really wish I could post the video… basically causing me to lose out on so much brachi DNA. I seriously was only able to get maybe 1/4-1/2 the DNA I’ve always been able to get.
Not to mention that I have won every single strike tower battle this week and have received 1 as in single 1 brachi DNA every single incubator gave me all anky DNA how is that possible? I have restarted the game and cleared my cache nothing has fixed the problem. The higher the rarity the worse the glitching is when trying to dart. Any recommendations?

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Hello RedHeadGamer1204. I’m sorry to hear that. Please consider emailing our team at with some device information included, so they can do their best to assist.

Thank you!