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Lagging then crashing then disconnecting!

Ppl are getting lags and crashs after the update …but for me it was lagging then crashing then disconnecting then i can’t connect to my account (with Facebook) anymore !!!
And i uninstalled the game then downloaded it again all i get is new accounts with google play mails and when I try to connect with Facebook (login trouble try to re connect again ) !!!Screenshot_2021-02-25-07-22-00-352_com.ludia.jw2


Hey Samir_Awad, could you please try logging out of your Facebook account on your Facebook app and any browser apps logged into your Facebook? This should prompt the game to ask you to re-enter your login information again when you try to connect your game with Facebook.

Please let me know if that helps.

Didn’t change anything…

I’m sorry that didn’t work, Samir_Awad. Please contact our support team at if you haven’t already, and our team will do their best to help you. If you have your support key, please include it in the email as well.

Thank you!

Already did 11 hour ago :pleading_face::broken_heart:

I am having the exact same problem too