Laker Dinos on the Ark needs you! Staying strong through the ups and downs!

The past three years have been an amazing roller coaster of events within the game Some players have left to create new paths, but many are still here keeping the game fun :partying_face:

We are looking for one player level 18-20 to become part of an amazing and very solid team!
10/10 weekly-8/9 championship rewards and 3-4 level 20 sanctuaries!
Our organized raid system helps to ensure no one is left behind and our server is very family friendly!

If you complete daily missions, earn dbi’s daily and do your part in the tourney you might be a great fit!
Please do not respond here! DM for more information :slight_smile:
Communication is important and real life always comes first!
Thanks ahead of time!

Laker Dinos on the Ark


Wonderful family friendly alliance, helpful and does well in tourneys as stated. Gotta give some love to the place I call home!!


New season, new update, new possibilities! Laker Dinos on the Ark are looking for players that focus on the fun aspects of playing this game and are active in our community.

So do you play daily, battle in the arena, battle in the tournaments and dart all you can, then you are 50% in. The other half we are looking for is being vocal and active on discord, participate in raids and to have fun along the way.

All the benefits of joining us are listed above, if you think you are a good fit, please contact KodiakHunter or myself via a direct message.

Hopefully we can welcome you into our ‘online’ famliy soon.


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We have room for one! Please send a dm instead of messaging here! Thanks ahead of time!