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Laker Dinos on the Ark – Top Rewards – Minimal Rules- Recruiting now!

If you are a daily player and qualified to play the tourneys, we would love to have you!

No PvP battle requirements and still achieve 10/9-10 every week!

We hover in or close to the top 100 in championships and 8-9 rewards!

Fabulous co-op (BOB) Three level 20’s 12+ days of 14!

We are one of the original alliances and strive to keep a group of experienced, friendly and respectful members that work together to help complete missions, raids and generously donate to help each other.

Real life always comes first and keeping the game fun is the main goal!

Send me a DM by clicking my name @Kodiakhunter1 instead of responding here and please don’t request to join in game without messaging! Thanks ahead of time!


Hello kodiak. I hope you remember me, I would like to rejoin the Alliance. Was not active for a while because I had alot of exams, but I am almost finished and ready to play again. My username is urticanshark24#3813


We will have one spot opening after reset! Send me a DM to potentially become a part of our amazing gang!

Please don’t respond here :slightly_smiling_face:

Kodiakhunter#7077 on you know where :wink:

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Thanks for the responses! We filled one spot and need to make a couple more changes to keep things as fair as possible. Please send a dm for more info! Thanks ahead of time!

We have a spot available for someone that wants to help us fill the very small gap between 9 and 10 in defense.

Come join an amazing group!

Hi @Kodiakhunter1 ! Do you still have a spot open? If you do could I please join your alliance? I am level 11 and am very active in the daytime. I have a couple of legendarys and participate in weekly tournaments. Thanks!

Please can I get into this alliance i participate in raids slot and I enjoy participating in tournaments

We have made a few changes to keep things more fair for our top contributors and are looking for 4 level 15 or higher daily players. Please direct message me instead of replying here! Thanks ahead of time!


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We still need one more! 10/10 again! Come be a part of a chill, but organized and dedicated gang! DM for more details! Thanks!

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We have an opportunity to join us if you are level 15 or higher! Please send a dm! Thanks ahead of time!

Sorry for all the bumps! We have room for daily active players! Please send a dm :heart: Thanks!

Currently full again, thanks for the replies!

Looking to fill one spot after reset! Level 15 or higher and a daily active player that enjoys working as a team player! Again, please dm instead of replying here! Thanks!

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Do you like having multiple level 20 sancs to your availability? Do you like getting Tier 8 rewards in Tourneys? (9 in the 5 week ones) Do you like it when the teammembers make you feel welcomed and part of the team? Do you enjoy having a well organized discord? If all of these questions are answered with a yes, then you are probably a good fit!

What do we expect from you? Active on Discord and ingame. Do 10 takedowns in the Tourney. Secure your daily battle incubators and dart your fair share! That’s all. Please contact Kodiakhunter or myself directly


hi i have 3485 trophy i am level 14 i am participating in the tournament i am active and i have access to discord for pvp pvp i cannot do much until august 20 but i am trying to make would you have a free seat?

We are going to have a spot opening soon! Hoping to find a level 20 player that enjoys participating in raids, discord communication and is willing to contribute in all aspects.

Top rewards with minimal pressure! Keep it fun!

If you have interest in joining an amazing group of players please message @Kodiakhunter1 or @Nes instead of replying here! Thank you!

One opening is still available! Please send a dm to learn more! Thanks ahead of time!

Edit: We are full :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for the replies!

Update! There is an opening for a level 20 player that appreciates being part of a team that works great together! Please send a dm instead of replying here!

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We have two spots free :slightly_smiling_face: please send a dm! Thanks ahead of time!

Hi @Kodiakhunter1, nice to e-meet you…

I’ve sent through a request to join your group. I’m currently Level 13 and two-thirds and play multiple times each day so it would be great to be part of your team. I’m looking for an alliance that plays regularly for raids and rewards.

Many thanks :).

Closed at OP’s request