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Lame reward structure for FF

The rewards for FF challenge is a total airball on Ludia’s part. A gold book on a 20?! Lame!

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Absolutely agree. The newest dungeon, the highest roll you can possibly get on a farming run, something we’ve been anticipating for a year now, and we get handed this. More diluted mess. Two spellbooks…one of which is taking up the most important gear slot possible.

Completely disgraceful and I urge Ludia to reconsider. Just your typical progression from Lightfinger is all we would ask with epics. Oh well, back to infinite farming of Heartcoil Deeps and Lightfinger i suppose. What a letdown. :-1:

I suggest it may be wise to avoid completing FF. It simply seems to take far to long for most users to complete it, making it unfavorable for most users.

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So it sounds like I’m better off not completing FF and letting Lightfinger continue to be my free challenge.

the 20 is such a letdown. We have been waiting over a year for new content to farm and they finally give it to us and remove the most important gear slot for farming. So it literally is more beneficial to me to keep farming older instances than the new content. Absolutely ridiculous. Its really making me reconsider playing this game any longer and just finding something new. The majority of people who can farm the new place need gear and not gold. Im sitting on over a million with nothing to upgrade. This was such a kick in the gut.

I’m glad I checked here on the forums! Thanks Ludia, for new content that I’m going to ignore. Thanks for the heads up, folks.