Lame unique designs

Last update we had Albertocevia, which was made up of Edaphocevia and honestly a huge downgrade. All the colors? Gone. Sail? Gone. Which hurt me bad, but I got over it. Now we have the new update, which is honestly one of my favorite updates in a while but it suffers the same problem I’m seeing a lot nowadays: The designs for legendaries are better than the designs for uniques. Tryostronix. while not my favorite hyrbid, had a lot going for it. It had half a sail, cool spines, etc. Now it got a unique, which was awesome! And fused with giga no less, which is cool and has spines and a hump! Should be awesome to see how they take the spines and scutes and combine them into a cool- Oh. They removed the hump, and totally nerfed the spines to basically non existance… Okay. (image courtesy of IDGT)



Yeah they should update giganyx design. Like you said the spines are too small and he should have at least one of it’s components sail


They should update Entelolanias design,nothing entelodon in it. maybe some sharp teeth on it

Where could I get that beta?

it’s exclusive for game devs and content creators like idgt to showcase the game and publicize it

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Ok, thanks.