Land, Air, and Sea


Lets see some air and water dinos added! Would love to see them soon haha


Water dinos have already been added!


They have? O.o I’ve not seen any yet (in battles or while finding dinos), & I live near a Reservoir & not seen any near the beach side yet

Guess I was just unlucky on seeing any yet lol


He’s probably talking about amphibians. Sarcosuchus, koolasuchus, diplocaulus and purrusaurus.


oh I did find a Purrusaurus Gen 2 when I was on it a few minutes ago, although it wasn’t in water


I live next to the Susquehanna River in PA and got a rare Kaprosuchus that is now level 7. Has anyone noticed these croc types and others walk on the water as your darting them?

Still waiting on them flyers too!


No such thing as air or water dinos :thinking: hence why they haven’t been added. Marine reptiles and flying reptiles, now they are a different story.


Yeah okay Terrorize we get that. LOL.
Some of us have just turned 5-7 again and our inner kids are showing. Who would have ever thunk, even 10 years ago as the Google car drove through the neighborhood we’d be getting something like this and dino related to boot!
Happy Hunting!