Land Before Time characters in JWA (+ new hybrids)

I think maybe adding in the cast of characters from the Land Before Time into JWA would be cool since it is a Universal property like Jurassic Park so maybe if Universal gives Ludia the permission to the Land Before Time as well we could see them in JWA. One of my new hybrid ideas would be Ankylolophus (Bumpy + Ducky) It would look like a LTB Saurolophus but with the armor of Bumpy and a new Super Hybrid would be the Ankylolophoraptor (Blue + Ankylolophus) It would look like Blue but the Ankylolophus’ armor and crest and also a different color.

No. Please realize that adding characters from an entirely different franchise is a bad idea. The only creatures we should get are canon creatures, actual creatures, or hybrids. No franchise hopping Littlefoots or Duckys.