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Land down under 5-4 alliance has open spots


Looking for a new exciting and friendly alliance? Well you’re in luck. The land down under has some spots open for some active players. Think we’re just Aussies? Yeah Nah we have plenty of internationals from al over. Best part missions are always moving forward as when us Aussies sleep Europeans and Americans make progress and vice versa. Like sino? Us too! We reach rank 5 in exploration and rank 4 in defense every week. Please reply below if interested.


Is there a curtain trophy account? I’m active but lost my account so I’ve had to start over


Sent u a request my last alliance lost it’s leader an top players was leaving an not completing alliance missions an never getting any DNA donated to me… L20 player

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Hi Dalton, we tend to prefer higher level players as they tend to be more active. Can you messsage me where you were before you lost your account?


2500+ can’t remember exactly


Hi Scubasteve,

I’d be interested if you would consider me. Level 9 player currently with 2196 trophies. Haven’t had the game that long but really enjoying it. My current alliance has 49 members but most seem to be inactive.



Still got any vacancies, I’m at 4300 trophies.


Yep send a request


Nice one. What’s alliance name. Not really that clued up on joining alliances lol


Still looking? Level 20 player who tends to be the top contributor a little more often than I’d like. Currently at 4253.


The Land Down Under. Either request to join or message me your name and number and I’ll add you.


Sure we’d love to have you as well.


Requested, thanks!