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Land expansions only DB?

I’m up to park level 95 and I’ve only done land expansions for coins. I think I’m almost done with them, but now there is no more coin option. Every expansion I click on is asking for 200 DB. I’d rather not spend DB, but if it’s my only option now, then I guess I will. Just asking is it’s going to switch back to coins eventually or do the last few need to be unlocked with DB? Thank for any help you can provide.

Below are the only expansions I see available on the second island (first one is completely unlocked). I don’t know if more will be available one the other ones are done.

Every time Ludia increases the level cap, more expansions are available for coins. Any expansions you buy for Dinobucks will have to be skipped in order to buy more for coins.


Ok, so those three expansions will stay as DB until they raise the level cap?
If I pay the DB, will the new expansions be for coins when they raise the level cap again?

Yes to the first point. No to the second point. If you buy expansions for Dinobucks, you forfeit those expansions for coins. For example, if you buy 1 expansion for Dinobucks at level 95, your next expansion for coins will be at level 97.


Ok, thanks. I guess I’m done expanding for a while then.


Yup I completed my last land purchase for coins (still waiting for it to clear) and the rest will be DB until the next expansion of levels and as such they will sit undiscovered until that time. I don’t need the space so it’s not that big of a sacrifice.