Land vs Aquatic vs Cenozoic

This PvP if added would be very awesome, ridiculous and funny at the same time andd I want this added because imagine a Onchopristis fighting a T rex that woul be great so I want it added hopefully in the next next next update.

Dude, you’ve really gotta quit with unnecessary threads


Onchopristis would suffocate before rex can even attack it

overall its just a main unfair advantage
Because most dinosaurs do not stand a chance in the water and aquatics don’t stand a chance on land


But it would be cool seeing a Megalodon fighting a Spinosaurus lol.

I know JWA and JWtG aren’t the best for scientific accuracy or even logic in general (small dinosaurs that can take down an entire sauropod with one hit) but this suggestion would cross even the limits of game logic.


megalodon would kill off spinosaurus with one or 2 bites

Once again
Unfair advantage

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How about Super Flaffy.