Landmark Dinosaurs

Hello everyone!

I was just thinking it’d be cool if we took AR pictures of dinosaurs at famous places/landmarks and people can try to guess where they are. I suspect with such a global community people will get them quite quickly! I’ll add a few of mine to start!

For people without AR devices, I recommend a drawing/cutout of a dino and hold it in front of the camera, or set it down. Don’t forget the food, or toy cut out for it to eat/play with. Starving dinos can get grumpy!

These can be major landmarks, or just public locations that people may like to visit!

Last two are from the same spot but I liked the second more, and the first is a bit easier to guess :smiley:

P.S. Regarding the 3rd one, just take it as a lesson that you should be careful what might be BEHIND the dinosaur that you aren’t paying attention to making you look creepy!


:heart_eyes_cat: love the tany one!

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I mean. I do have an AR device. PoGo confirms that. It’s just that JWA has poor compatibility, apparently.

But I’ll bite. I’ll see if I can get a good shot soon!

Hey Delta, if you’re using an Android device, you’ll need to download AR Core for the AR feature to work in the game. Our FAQ here has more information on where to download it:


Lol cardboard cut out yup thanks.

When are you gonna change up your at core to one that is more… Ummm… More-er… Maybe one that is most-est?

So realistic you can actually reach out and touch it!

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I wish I had AR… in super annoyed. It’s right at my fingertips, as I have a 5S. I’ll be getting an SE soon though… :smiley:

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I suspect cardboard cutouts are going to be more awesome anyway :smiley:

Adding hints to my original post for people interested in guessing.
1-2 are in New York
3 is in Montreal
4-5 is in LA

I suspect they would be

1 natural history
2 central park (little Nicky rocks… Just let is slide down your throat hole)

Would 3 and 4 be la Brea tar pits?

  1. Yes - American Museum of Natural History
  2. Yes - Central Park
  3. No
    4-5. Yes - La Brea Tar Pits

Here are a few more obvious ones from Museum/Tar Pits.


Changed alot since I was there last

I went when I was young and was curious how much it’s changed. It’s hard to tell what has changed as opposed to my perspective as an adult vs as a child. I can say it was pretty awesome both times though!

They’re still digging up tens of thousands of bones and will still be 20 years from now. An awesome site for sure!

I left a Dracorex in the sanctuary there and am beating myself up for not leaving a Smilodon instead :smiley:

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I know where number 3 is. :smiley: :shushing_face:


Not a land mark… but I have a good one!! I can finally use AR now, haha

He got my brother… and now he’s coming for me!


:rofl: Run @Sarahsaurusrex!


T-Rex is loose!!! Can anyone guess which street this is on? :smile:


Can you see her? :face_with_monocle:

Hint: Photos were taken in Canada


I spotted it, it’s a Velocipede!

For those that don’t know, my phone kept autocorrecting Velociraptor to Velocipede, now I just call Velociraptors Velocipedes.


Someone decided to join the game! :joy::soccer:


The 1st one-
All those people are very panicked. And the street? Smh I’ve no clue. I’m Not from Canada… lol.

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