Language switch!


Why this is not a thing?


Because every game conversation would be overrun by (any) language only closed groups, making any attempts of communication and moderating a joke that would eventually destroy the community and the game like it happened with almost every mobile game I tried.

I hope JWA stay English only, at least until its big enough to handle it.

Changing the language of the game only doesn’t make sense either as most words used in main menu are easy enough to be understood by anyone who ever encountered English, and if allowing in game language change they would have to allow multilingual forum which brings us back to the point I made before.


Err, I’m pretty sure the game supports plenty of languages, considering the screenshots I’ve seen posted on this forum and the fact that my game is currently in spanish. I believe the software installs on whatever language you have on your phone, so the question probably aims toward the possibility of changing the default language to a prefered one.


Which I would actually support. I’m not a big fan of translations and I usually prefer content on its original language, so an option to change languages would actually be nice.


Maybe try to change language on your phone then check and let us know if it works :slightly_smiling_face:


It actually works. At least on iOS, JWA seems to adapt to whichever language you have set on your phone, and you don’t even need to reinstall the app. So changing your phone settings to English will instantly change your game to English too.


How to change language?


Si estas usando un iPhone, el juego debería adaptarse al lenguaje de tu teléfono. No se si funciona de la misma forma en Android.