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Large Common Scent


Ludia, I know some creatures are specific to zones and I know that I live in a zone where Majungasaurs’ are common, but when I crack open a Large Common Scent because I have some down-time, having ONLY Majungasaurs appear (bar two other creatures) on TWO separate occasions within the past week, it gets a bit stale…d’ya follow…?

Not that I hate Majungasaurus, but I’ve GOT it…AND the Majundasuchus hybrid. Even if I didn’t, then I would have both with those two aforementioned occasions alone!

Just…take it easy on the Majungasaurs…Just asking for a little bit of variety in the scents, please, that’s all. ^^

Thanks, Ludia.



My neighborhood does the same thing with suchomimus. Has allowed me to power my suchotator up to level 24 (almost 25)


The common scents just make dinos of your area appear more, they don’t change variety… I agree they should.