Large data usage?


Today Jurassic World Alive used a huge chunk of mobile data unbeknownst to me. I’m not sure on the exact amount, but I think it is close to 500MB. Could there please be some sort of warning before it tries to download that much data? Or was this some sort of major bug?

The only thing I noticed was that for a while (maybe a couple minutes) it was stuck at Launching Drones then was stuck with nothing on screen before it went to the game.

I did have it open when I was at home on WiFi before I left the house.


It’s been fairly data heavy for me too, but even worse is the battery life being reduced from 100% to empty in around 15min every time I play.

I’m really glad there’s no minimum distance requirements for this game like Pokémon go has, or I’d never get anywhere! As it is I’m battling with my phone plugged into the power supply, and I barely make it around my block before the battery is completely dead!

iPhone 6s if anyone is curious


Hey philychez, thank you for writing in! The game uses your device’s GPS to run geolocation features in the game. The geolocation features in the game actively loads information from your GPS. The amount of data required to play is based on how much you engage geolocation features in Jurassic World Alive.

For these reasons, we recommend our players play the game on a stable network connection.


Same here on a 6s. Drives me crazy as I just went from 70% to 14% after 2 drone launches & 2 battles! :rage: