Large incubator in arena 9

Managed to pull out a win after hitting 5000 today and got my first arena 9 incubator.

No guaranteed stygimoloch DNA anymore. Is it good or bad? :thinking:

Arena 8:

Arena 9:

Actually there’s still guaranteed DNA for arena exclusive epics.

Only difference is, they give you another exclusive epic – Alanqa.
So now those 18 guaranteed DNA will be randomly chosen from Stygi & Alanqa.
Now you’ll got 18 Stygi/Alanqa + 18 random epic dino DNA in arena incubator list.

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Thanks for the explanation. But there rises a problem. If I want to level up paramoloch and eventually tuoromoloch (currently I don’t use them but maybe will later), I have to arena drop to stay specifically in the ruins?

I mean, although arena dropping is not against the rules of the game in any form, the game itself shouldn’t encourage this sort of behavior, right?

Tbh it is worth staying in Lockwood’s Estate for the potential Erlikosaurus DNA alone.

Yeah, but it depends on which dino you use. I don’t use erliko and stygi so I’m fine with it, but some people will use stigy as they cannot be caught in the wild.

I’m keeping myself in Ruins for that exact reason. I still need Tuoramoloch for the collection, so the 50/50 Alanqa/Stygi had to stop. I’m at 170/250 with a fuse available… praying for 80-100.
It’ll probably be a 10.

A vip account that never leaves arena 1 gets level based anky dna in the defeat 10 creatures incubator…this incubator becomes much worse after arena 3 when stygi is unlocked