Large scent


What is this thing? Anybody know or used it?


Me! Was just a common scent that lasted 20 mins.
Nothing exciting from it not even a rare.


Thank ya my dear


It’s a 20 minute common scent.


I like the 5 minutes better cause I don’t have to sit for 20 minutes waiting on basically nothing! I may use mine when I wake up at 6:00 am to take care of business wink wink :wink:


I just use it and ignore everything it gives me unless it’s an epic or a rare i need (nodosaurus).


What large scent?


It was won in a strike event today


how much time do you have to waste on the SE to be able to get your “prize” of wasting 20 minutes?


Oh I only got the small one…


Actually it was a single quick battle


Yes i did that but recieved the 5 minute scent


Odd I got a rare scent, not a common.


I just noticed there are multiple strikes like this


I must admit some measure of confusion. I did all the strike events today and I did not get a large scent but rather a normal 5-minute common


It’s random - everyone gets a small common, a large common, or a rare. I haven’t heard of epic ones from this strike event.


:disappointed: I actually rather like the common Scents as I seem to get epics from them pretty frequently


I got a rare just now, havent used it yet


Just got the standard 5 minute myself. Congrats to those who got the 20 min or rare from it!!


Hang on, just to clarify, is there only one scent strike event right now?