Last 24 hours to vote JWA ! But I won't do it cause

… last big update haven’t fixed some urgent issues people reported several time, for long time, such as for example

  • Dinos trapped in a Strike event, not allowing us the possibility to dart them
  • AI bugging and not responding when using a particular ability in a Strike Event, causing a loss (for this I received the partial help of other players, so when you close and restart the app could happen that you can do the SE again, but still we are not able to use some powerful dino moves like instant invincibility…)

Refer also to this post I made Open surveys to understand the priorities of the players

So yes I know devs are busy and maybe these are not their priorities, but Ludia listen to us, and prioritize things we care… I was puzzled when seeing after 1.5 update that dinos at 149 meters have now the green button to start the darting session, instead of the yellow one I used to see, that indicated you were able to dart, but not with full battery… Why wasting time implementing this feature, if you don’t have time to fix the things we are complaining about for a long time? :thinking:


I am not even able to vote. It just mentions something about error.

Exactly. Well said.
But you know… we are the so forgiving…