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Last Day before Monostego plummets

Get on arena tonight if youd like some final memories of Monostegotops, as once tomorrow hits, itll fall down the tiers


Me tomorrow:


Would be a sad day for Monostego players indeed(mine is lvl26 decently boosted), but life goes on and my indo (same lvl) is ready to take its place (after a few needed boost), so that’s that I guess :man_shrugging:


It certainly makes me sad as monostego has been one of my favorite hybrids of the entire game and has always had a spot on my team. Last patch gave her even more potential and now this patch runs her into the ground


It’s a good time as well to farm epic mono dna as much as we can while she is out, you never know she might just come back stronger in future.

I really don’t think monostego will be awful in 1.9; people are just gonna have to change how they use her.


I think people are underestimating it’s new kit. It can swap into most matchups with the new swap in armor piercing stun strike, do a turn 1 dig in and cleanse the lockdown with a boost to its speed. Then it can either swap back out and do it again or proceed to do work as an 1v1 ace.

Sure it lost the nullifying impact, but it still can slow, distract, and stun basically at its leisure

I think boosted 5/5/5 to pick up the stat nerf slack it’ll still be very, very good.


Probably wont be tyrant though. We’ll have to see how it fares

No rampage and a severe damage nerf. I’m trying to stay positive as well but it isn’t easy

I didn’t even realize it was armor piercing until I read your comment.
I’m excited to get to know the new Mono. He’s been on my team since around July of 2018… I won’t abandon him easily.


Monostego being used like a Rat. This could be interesting.

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A rat that stuns and has armor :smiley:

Just fought one in the arena … I shed a tear for what is about to befall it … RIP

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I think it’ll be just fine. Just have to relearn when and how to best utilize it.

Last patch with the evasive nerf I thought Procerath was done for on my team. And as many have said I just had to tweak how I used it and I added some additional boosts to health now that it couldn’t dodge. So I think there will still be value in monostego. It may just move from your starter Dino to your end match cleanup Dino.

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I think I’m gonna stick with my lvl 26 6/6/6 monostego. As I don’t have any suitable replacement.

I kept Magna and Erlidom after the last nerf but welcome the new buffs to make them even better

Had worked so hard on mine too…she was 5/5/5 and lvl 22…am sure gonna miss her

Monostego still alive. Check its new habilities

It swaps in doing 1x damage and stun? People are going to hate this thing. I think Mono will do just fine.