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Last Day before Monostego plummets

Just used new Mono for the first time.
I think we’ll be just fine :grin:
And I absolutely LOVE his animation for SISS :heart_eyes:
Great job, whoever is responsible for that over @Ludia_Developers

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I just had a chance to use it as well and although I noticed the damage Nerf the Swap and strike was pretty nice

Carried on using, it’s still pretty good

Yeah, this thing has the possibility to use this moveset:
Swap-In Stunning Strike > Dig-In > Greater Stunning Impact
With this, she can land 2500 damage (non-boosted) and barely take a scratch. You can pull her out and swap into Draco for a finish or whatever. Then she’s available to do it again. The only counter I can think of are shield-breakers with immunity. I think ceratopsians will be drawing some hate pretty soon here.

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They are ceRATopsians after all.

Fought a few in the arena - reports of its demise were premature


It’s still very good, in the right scenario when used right. I’ve already had battle’s where I was able to bring her in three times. I prefer the old one, but I love her so much I will use her as long as she can still win. I still don’t understand why Ludia decided to give Monosteg two nullify moves, then one, now none.


Esp now with shield, would make more sense to change distraction to nullify strike.


I’m keeping mine around, that swap in stun is pretty useful, especially since I don’t use the rat on my team.


That 24% damage reduction was WAAAY too much, tho


Mine did 3300 dmg before, it’s down to 2100, that’s a substantial nerf however it has gained some versatility with the swap in move. All in all it hurts but it isnt on the funeral pyre just yet

Same boat: Opinions of: Monostegotops

Granted, it’s a different use now but even when I play it well (or at least think I do) it struggles to take things down.

Best use now imho… opponent stuns with DC, swap in Monostego.

The swap in strike makes it plenty useful… while not viable in the upper arenas i was running sino, monostego, and eino on my kids account in lockdown being able to swap in stun strike… dig in… then repeat. Was very successful though probaly not the funnest match for my opponents.

I imagine all the anti rat people that started running it will now be looking at monostego as a replacement.

I think that’s my biggest gripe; it went from jack-of-all trades to a very niche role. With all the other Rat counters coming online, I expect there to be less and less of those lil guys running around, hence Mono’s role will be even more diminished. AFAIK he now loses to a much longer list of foes she used to walk all over.


I dont know about alot less… dracocera is most likely one of the largest recievers of boosts meaning even if they are less of a threat and my experience tells me they are much easier to deal with now.

For alot of people benching it means sticking a significant portion of their boosts onto the bench aka simply not gonna happen for alot of people.

I myself have though maybe i should drop out draco… but then the boosts.

And mono still has some flexibility… swap it in early to deal with a problem speedster… or safe it for a late game swap in win.

Time will tell, I’m just going off the sim results which stated that Mono dropped 19 places…


Those sims also state they will know more once its kit is used in battle reading the description for monostego seems to point towards that being written before 1.9 dropped and as they stated changes dont always align with patch notes.

some battles i am trying to learn better ways of using it.

swap-in strike seems good to finish a hurted dino. but hey, one more swap-in damage dino to be hated?

but the problem with this move is: swap in 1x wich is low damage if we consider damage nerf, far away from dracos.

and stun? well, strike and stun, but opponent is now ready for a even better move if its (probably) faster.

that dig in seems good but i only delayed battle with that. more moves to loose anyway. similar to other regenerate dinos. the shield is only 1 turn so damage guaranteed (taking back health gained) and 1 turn lost.

is speedup helping you?

and for stuns, aren’t you facing more immunes now?

Dig in works like regenerate on draco plus it puts up a shield… so say your opponent has erli in and his rampage is on cd… you can swap in deal some damage… dig in to regenerate what you lost… throw a shield up for his rampage and have your lockdown taken off so you can swap back out if needed.

Sure the stuns done work against immunes but the damage does… like draco it also pairs well with and runs and swoops… unlike draco they arent useless when the previous move kills the dino making your swap in target nothing.

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