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Last day of tournament


Facing full teams of level 29 at 4800 level??? Why is this every tournament. Takes the fun out of it when you have zero chance even if they loose connection during the match. Can anyone explain this and how/why it happens every time? Is everyone else camping out but the 5,000+ players?


Pfft, I got to 4500 like a week ago and haven’t battled since.


I’m out since yesterday morning. After coming back over 4500 just stopped battling.


I was at 4960 and got slapped back to 4710. Managed to get to 4750 yesterday and camping now. I would gain 16-24 for winning but lose 30+ for every loss…

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Just reached 4785 refusing to move now

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4775 and camping out final hours.

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So glad to hear I’m not the only one struggling although I’m sorry others are facing the same dilemma. I don’t understand how it makes sense though unless higher players are waiting until the end to climb back up. I gave up a couple nights ago.


Consecutive battles lost 54 and gained 7. Earlier in the tournament lost trophies when I won the battles, emailed ludia and they couldn’t fix it but compensated with dino bucks which was better than nothing.


There is an interesting article on Metahub that relates to this. Interesting stuff.


I dropped from 4986 to 4800 sat, fortunately I had a 24 hr inc so I am feet up by the fire roasting marshmallows


Camped since I reached 5000, which is a shame, because battling is the most fun part of the game. Attn: Ludia


I hit 4506 last night and I’m sitting here until the tournament ends. This one felt especially rough. My usual spot is a comfortable 4650-4750, and I’ve made it up over 4800 before. For the past week or so, I’ve struggled to even reach 4500, falling to 4300 a couple of times and seeing teams with multiple uniques including rinex and dilorach down there.

I hope Ludia makes the change they talked about in a recent poll – recording our highest score during a tournament and basing our rewards off of that – because feeling forced to camp is no fun.


Happy I reached an all time high of 5144. No longer close to that, but gives an extra bump of drive knowing it isn’t out of reach in the near future.

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Same here! Main reason being, I was dropping by more than 40 trophies per loss and gaining less than 20 per win… Needed 3-4 wins to make up for a single loss!


Broke 5000 but was knocked off leaderboard (5160 now I think) so no good dna reward for me. I’ll still get the generic ‘participation’ incubator for 2.5k+ twirls finger woohoo.

Tried to push tonight but after 4 matches it was obvious that the RNG wasn’t having it so I gave up.

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:grin::grin::grin: love the chart showing what creatures are most prevalent! Makes me take into consideration what I wanna level up going forward. #greenchickenforthewin


I made a pretty decent push deep into the standings (for my team of misfits) yesterday, so I’ve been sitting out since then. Have wavered a bit with others above and below me winning and losing, but still holding pretty steady.

Can’t wait until this is finally over… I hope it’s some time before they do another.


That number did not surprise me one bit!
What I did find interesting was that it was more common than indoraptor! Even if just by a bit.

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My son started the game just a few weeks ago and made it to 2500 yesterday. Even though it may be a “participation” reward, he definitely feels and knows he earned it. Even at his level he still had to face stegod and indom in the Badlands on the way up.

I made it to 4990. I knew I couldn’t camp…and that’s when it happened. I kept losing and dropped to below 4750 and had to fight my way back to 4786 where I am now. Funny thing is I wish I could keep battling because it was fun. I feel I’m forced to camp.

Here’s the gameplay my 4990 match:


I reached 1626. I look forward to my tournament reward lol

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