Last epic battle

Seriously tento at 3888 a hit!! and two others not to deal with not fair at all!

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Two others to deal with#

Monolometrodon or any damage reducing Dino :slight_smile:

Love how u say its “not fair” cuz hes got stronger dinos than you :joy:

I’ve faced ridiculous teams lately (much better than mine) and obviously I lose those.

It’s not the opponent that’s to blame.
Objectively, if they have stronger dinos. They deserve to win.

But we do see countless posts like this, and it all comes down to one thing:
The 450 trophy spread for match making

You mean like this?

Yeah, i lost 2 trophies.

The spread needs to stay though. Where it needs to stay is debatable, but it does need to stay.

Without it, the top 200 or so would never get a match.

Even top 500 is rough wait time wise.

There clearly needs to be a spread … otherwise you’d have top 500 players against newcomers.
The 450 spread does need to be narrowed tho.

Being in the top 500, I don’t mind waiting longer or fighting AI if it means that the remaining 500,000+ players are fighting teir appropriate teams.



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opened with irex… very annoying

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Lol @hersh, why the hyperbole? Clearly the top 500 are a bit higher than at 450 trophies. They arent fighting any new comers, or even close.

If you want to fight ai, thats already in game. I prefer to actually play people, to compete.

Ludia, I prefer shorter wait times. Please keep asis, and reevaluate tightening the range as you see fit.

I just favor benefiting the majority…
450 spread does not seem to working (as evidenced by this and other posts)

Heres a post to support it then - please keep it. The majority are not even affected, as the vast majority are not anywhere close to the range that spread exists at. Most people dont even come to or know about the forums. Beware greasing the squeaky wheel. This forum, and most like it, are a place for folks to come complain - not come say things are working well. Such seems to be human nature - 10 people are happy, one isnt - that one complains, the 10 are silent.

And sometimes we are a bit like little kids. What i mean by that is, we think we know what we want. But if we eat cookies all day, at the end of the day our stomachs will hurt. While i dont like broccoli, i know its healthy for me.

Selection bias is definitely something to be considered… but then again, so is qualitative data.

Those who care enough, make a point of their feelings being known. Those who don’t care are ambivalent to either option.
Passion > ambivalence

Agreed. Just keep in mind losing once typically generates much stronger feelings than winning 10x in a row does. Plus if Im winning 10x, i dont feel the need to come talk about it. Im happy.

All that said you hit the nail on the head with this: qualitative data. Which ludia has. I just worry they will put more weight on angry opinion than reasonable data.

Time will tell!

Edit: allow my response to speak for my own passion about it :slight_smile:

Just for the record I’m talking about the epic battle stop not player vs player :man_shrugging:t2:


Maybe I didn’t clarify what I ment enough. But I’m talking about the last battle on the epic battle stop not player vs player


This is what Im fighting at 4800 trophies, its rough right now

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Wanna see what i fight at 5600

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I’m demotivated enough as it is facing a 26 Erlidom … seeing a 27 Erlidom May just push me over

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I think that a blanket 450 range does not work. In my opinion, it should vary based on the arena. 450 may work in Aviary, 350 Lockwood, 250 Ruins, etc.