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Last JPB creatures in JWTG - Jurassic/Land

Greetings, my friends. I’ve been thinking of Jurassic Park Builder quite a lot these days, so I thought I’d make a thread sharing my opinion and thoughts about the creatures that haven’t made it to this game yet and how they could be implemented. Keep in mind that this is my opinion and we can have different ideas on this. There’s no wrong answer as these are only suggestions and nothing tells us they will be exactly like this or if they would even make it to the game at all :upside_down_face:

Well then, shall we start the list?

  1. Albertosaurus
    Albertosaurus was a Gold creature in Jurassic Park Builder and one of the earliest achievable of this class. In Jurassic World the Game, I would make it a Limited Legendary carnivore class, T-Rex animation and balanced stats, although not very high.Albertosaurus_Level_40_2

  2. Brontosaurus
    A controversial dinosaur, Brontosaurus finally returned as it’s own genus and not an Apatosaurus synonym. The first Gold if you had enough DB, Brontosaurus was a pretty decent creature in this game, and since it’s a very famous dinosaur, it could work as a Limited Herbivore close to the Amargasaurus range with the generic sauropod animation and just like Apato, a real tank.

  3. Camarasaurus
    A very common sauropod from the Jurassic period, Camarasaurus was a Silver creature and a very good one. There isn’t much to say about it as it’s another sauropod, so I’d make it either a Super Rare or a Legendary, generic sauropod animation and balanced stats.

  4. Carcharodontosaurus
    Possibly the most requested dinosaur, Carcharodontosaurus wasn’t very good, since it was one of the weakest Bronze creatures, which means it deserves some respect, so I would make it a VIP Legendary, balanced stats ordered in a way that it’ll have more ferocity than Proceratosaurus and T-Rex animation (No no no, this has nothing to do with the fact that it’s my favorite carnivore :crazy_face:)

  5. Compsognathus
    I honestly don’t see this little friend being playable at all. It was one of the strongest Bronze creatures, being only surpassed by Parasaurolophus and Spinosaurus.
    I would add Compsognathus as a background creature in big carnivores and herbivore enclosures and maybe in some arenas just running away from the battle while the combatants are presenting themselves.

  6. Dreadnoughtus
    Yes, another Gold sauropod, although this guy was only unlockable at tournaments. I’d do pretty much the same as Brontosaurus, but it would have Brachio’s animation.

  7. Dryosaurus
    This is another highly requested little guy. It was the strongest Gold creature unlockable with coins. Gallimimus animation, Super Rare and balanced stats would be how I see this guy in JWTG.

  8. Ouranosaurus
    A very underrated creature, Ouranosaurus was one of the first Gold creatures and very powerful considering how soon you could get it. Although it had Stego’s animation, I think it would work better with Iguanodon’s animation and being a Legendary glass cannon.

  9. Torosaurus
    Last but not least important, we have Torosaurus. In JPB, it was probably the most neutral Silver creature. Not too powerful, not too weak, it had a perfect balance, so I think it’ll work perfectly as the strongest herbivorous Super Rare with balanced stats ordered in a way that it’ll have more ferocity than Postosuchus.

And that’s all for the remaining Jurassic/Land dinosaurs. I would probably make another one with Aquatic and Glacier/Cenozoic. Also, feel free to share your opinions, I would love to see how would you guys add this creatures to JWTG :grin:


For Aquatic I doubt they’ll add things like Anomalocaris, the whales, the icthyosaurs, Sea Scorpion, or Colossal Squid given how it’s been half a decade now and still no new aquatic animations. Colossal Squid felt more out of place in JPB though, almost like a meme character to me lol.


Nice post! I am with you on all of these ideas…you reminded me of a thought I had a while ago…wouldn’t it be cool if they had an animation for the small theropods and raptors that instead of fighting one, when you are up against, say, Velociraptor, there are like 3 in the pen against you. Or with your idea of Compsognathus, how about instead of one, you faced fifteen? It would require new animations of course, but it would be cool and would more easily justify tourney-level stats for small dinosaurs.


That sounds cool. Although I don’t think they’ll do anything similar, it’s still a pretty cool idea.
Also, welcome to the forums!

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I absolutely want Ouranosaurus to come out!

month also, when i played JWA, this is the first epic i wanted … well … with struthiomimus and stegoceras …

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Welcome to forum @AllosaurusRoar


On JWA I miss these two dino you said, but it is not the right forum to talk about it!

i am aware, i just wanted to let you know that i agree with you about ouranosaurus in JWTG.

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Yeah, you don’t know how much I want it, but they will, trust me!

Thanks! Long time player, first time poster…

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Thanks! Appreciate it!


The new animation for Compsognathus is a great idea!

Who needs an Ouranosaurus in JWTG when you have a fourth evo Edmontosaurus? :stuck_out_tongue:


And here’s Fury who keeps bragging! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


torosaurus VIP, dryosaurus. VIP, ouranosaurus VIP.

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Tusotheuthis is basically a prehistoric colossal squid

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Since brontosaurus is his own genus again he probably will return some day



Yes. But still chance for the jpb colossal squid to return since they’re completely different kinds of cephalopods. However i would make dryosaurus different from gallimimus since his family is different from ornithomimids and can actually add a lot more species :

Small ornithopods candidates :

I would also wait till dominion to see if dreadnoghtus wouldn’t make it into the movie

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