Last minute leaderboards updates!


Some interesting developments in the top 50 in the last few minutes!


The top 50 has a bigger trophies gap and therefore the changes were not much.
I wonder how dynamic the Last 500 leaderboard would have been!! :eyes:

I stopped fighting at Rank 62 Friday night/Saturday morning. Was around 79 till yesterday night.
In last 10 hrs, there were a good amount of shuffling. The last 1 hour was crazy. Almost moved back 10 ranks in last 1 hr and stopped at Rank 94.

Was ready with 250K coins and 4 dinos to level up in case I had to go in battle last minute to retain top 100 (was holding from spending any coins till the update 1.4 rolls in).


I dropped 146 places in the last 15 hours without doing a battle. From 350th to 496th. Made it by 1 single trophy!


I stop combat since i noticed guys dont let me being in rank 10 so much time, so i chill and acept the half of reward than rank 10 and getting the same than rank 250 for being 11 xd, 50 euros more of reward dont worth the pain of combat hours and hours vs whales and cheaters triying to stay in top 10.


Yeah. It does suck to have same reward for the rank 11 vs rank 250!!
At least the top 25/50 should have more groups with better rewards than the 250th rank.


The competition was in stay in top10, omce i noticed guys are so intense in being top10 i chill, no sense of stress if same reward xd


Well … a little miffed … this morning I had 3999 trophies, was determined to try and get the minor award for being at 4000 … 3 hrs fighting. Finished on 3895 :slightly_frowning_face:
Roll on next tournament :joy:


Started a 24h epic incubator with 26 hours left in the tournament. Was 196th at that point. No battles fought, I woke up this morning in 256th lol. Did not mind t500, but since I was out of incubators with 2 hours remaining… why not fight a bit. Only needed one win, out the gate, to get back in t250. An hour and a half later, no telling how many battles, I finally got back to t250 and had 4 incubators hahahaha. Finished 239th. Was a fun up and down run to say the least.