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Last node Chapter 3 New Year's Stormfly

@Marcus @Ned

Was this intentional to only have 10 TP on the last node? Or was it supposed to be 50?


I’m wondering the same. Only 10 trust points for the last node??

Yes, 10 TP for 12 energy and it’s a very hard level (mainly Chestnut and Hailfate, 4 dragons per wave, 3 waves, enemies doing normal attacking with a huge speed).

It should be 50. Please fix ASAP.


I’m f2p and had to finish my first run and already doing a restart to have a chance on 3 copies - I did the last node to see if it’s visuals-only, but it’s not. Very disappointing.


Wow…easily the worst event. Very disappointing. I’d like to get a refund for all the runes I spent on the first 2 chapters…what a rip off!!!

Hey Vikings, our team is looking into this at the moment.


Please try to fix this within the next 22 hours to let us not do 2 more runs without the TP.
You started one year-only event after another, we’re all heavily drained of resources (even more because the species extra side quests were taken out) and this bug could lead to not getting the last copy for many of us.

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.@ned,@marcus The last stage of the last chapter of New year stormfly shows that we get only 10 trust points from it unlike the previous special events where we got 50, is this a bug or it’s intended?

.Please tell the team to fix it right away, this is a once a year event, we have to get 3 copies of new year stormfly, if they fix days later, a lot of players won’t get all her copies.

Thanks @Ned and Ludia for their speedy response! Luckily I hadn’t done the node yet…

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Thank you for bringing this up! We were able to rectify it quickly.

Please let us know if you see the correct amount of Trust Points now.



It’s showing 50 now. Thank you for your quick response.

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@Marcus Thanks a lot, that was quick!

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