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Anyone figure out where to see when an alliance member was last online?

I saw it was part of the update but I don’t see anything different when looking at someone’s profile.

I will be really disappointed if our hopes were just teased like that!!

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Tap the name of your alliance when in the alliance chat.

The screen that shows all members of your alliance. I love this addition. It should make leadership a little easier for those of us that lead an alliance without using other chat apps/social media pages.

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Only it’s broken. I’ve got friends who don’t play anymore showing as “online”


For sure something’s not working.
My son hasn’t played in months, yet it shows he was online <1 day. He confirmed he hasn’t played.

Edited to add I’m on iphoneX with latest iOS AND “last online” seemed to work at first but then my sons status was “online <1 day” this morning but different yesterday right after we got the update.)

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It basically started counting yesterday and assumed everyone was online when the patch went live from what i can see.

If its still showing tomorrow everyone being online less then a day we know it launched broken.

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Same here. Last online function is definitely broken.

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Everyone shows as either online or less than a day.


Huh, right after update mine showed players ranging from online to one person who it showed as last online 24 days ago. Lots in between.

iPhone or Android?

Android (pixel 2)

But release notes said it would count from October 24.

I’ve got two members that haven’t been on for a few weeks. The game has updated yesterday and today and it said they where last on 17 &.18 days ago.

Okay I thought you actually had to go into each profile to see it. Member list is more convenient.

To that point… our last login is broken too. Literally all 50 in my alliance show less than a day. If that were the case we would finish higher than tier 2/3 on our weekly challenges for sure!

I think it works. My alliance shows almost all online within the last day. Probably cos my alliance is pretty active.

But it does show 1 or 2 who were last online more than 5 days ago.

I wish I could say the same Whistler… I think at most about half the alliance is active. I try to replace the inactive with people who request to join but that doesn’t always work.

Also, the release before this one really rubbed people the wrong way and I lost quite a few active members. I havent replaced them in hopes they’ll change their mind.

But back to subject… I know for a fact close to half my alliance haven’t been on within the last day and all members show last log in within the last day.

Maybe it’s different between iPhone and android users? Seems like iPhone users run into issues more… I have an iPhone.

Please do not rely on the current system. It’s bugged. I’m no. 1 in trophies in my alliance, just surpassed the leader today. Yet game isn’t showing my activity or placing me even in the top three… I’ve actually been placed dead last (50th/50 below people with zero score) or last of those with points - despite the fact I’ve been no. 2 for months and am now no. 1. Also isn’t showing my activity, so I wouldn’t rely on the system as of now to help eliminate inactive players as you could potentially oust an active and valuable member.

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Its definitely not a 100% working all the time thing… sometimes my alliance list is showing every has been online less then a day and sometimes it shows a more accurate description… i have had both lists as recently as an hour ago. Restart required to get the real stats and im on android.

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It works… sometimes. My 2 members who show last activity 6 and 8 days ago I have suspected of being quite inactive for a while now; they have 0 trophies every new season until I repeatedly remind them to do a battle. Needless to say, they have 0 trophies now (but so do some others I know to be active who have told me they have battled in the arena; this may be another bug).

So when I see the apparently accurate last online data on my roster I take a screenshot to gather info for replacing my inactive members.

Yeah definitely broken, shows all my friends (who’ve long since quit) to be currently online as well.