Last second catch!


…okay, maybe not last second but I literally got her in the last 2 minutes. I started darting with 5 minutes left for the event to end but I got 48 DNA. Force closed, tried again and 48 DNA again -.- and finally on my third attempt I managed this with just 1 minute to spare! :heart_eyes:

If only I was still VIP… still, pretty happy with the result. Though I won’t be getting her any time soon, my Sinoceratops is still 14… How much did you people manage?

  1. Cuz I’m lv16 VIP…

Tried several times, and just feel lost patient so decided to let it go.



Still, it must feel pretty frustrating to be missing 3 for 100 :stuck_out_tongue: that’s what annoyed me the most about my 48 ones, I didn’t want the number to end in 8 :stuck_out_tongue: I’m level 10 and just lost my VIP yesterday so I’m still getting used to not having the perks D:


So close to level it up


I got some, I got some I –
– oh.

… nuts.


Sigh, that is soooooo annoying. It happens for non-VIPs too from time to time. This feature needs to be erradicated.


To be fair, it’s not an easy target to begin with. That tail is just pure annoyance.


No VIP :blush: