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Last slots for BP4500+ members (Sons of Odin)


We are fully at the moment, but pls drop me a message here or a private message and I will make space and send and invite.

Now at 4 star alpha. 900k HP


Bumping thread. Still looking for members.


Any open spot?


@Subietse yes, slots are still open. Tell me your ID and number # and I can invite you




Still looking members. Another 3-4 active ones above BP4000 if possible.


@Canoning are there any open spaces?


@Nicedinos13 hi there, yes we still have slots open. Drop me your ID or search for Sons of Odin.


@Canoning i have the random picked name so i have


Haha, that’s actually a pretty nice name. Invite sent!


@Canoning says i cant join cus of daily clan join limit


Hmm, i’m Not sure what that is. But i’ll send you another invite tomorrow?

I think the problem is because we are fighting the alpha right now.


Hi, do you have any space left?