Last two dinos


I have collected or found all but 2 Dino’s, it’s driving me mad, is there a list of all the ones in the game?


Just post pictures of your whole team and I’m sure we can find out pretty fast what you’re missing


I remember having the same thing, but I actually only needed to find one more, since the second was a hybrid of that one. So, you may only need to find one more.


You can find them all here :

Keep us informed :grinning:


Cheers guys, one of them is the concavenator, and you may be right the other may be an unknown hybrid?

I’ll look through the list also

Many thanks


Ahhh unknown hybrid on indominus rex I think… Anyone know what that is?




Erlidominus if you don’t have epic erlikosaurus. Most likely


Indoraptor is already on there matr


I haven’t unlocked the epic Eli, so that maybe it then :slight_smile:


Yep got it, Erlidominus and convecator … Mini mystery solved, cheers guys I can now continue getting stressed with losing 200 trophies today lol