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Last Unique - Testacornibus

This one was painful till the last half but actually went faster than Spinoconstrictor.
I went out deer and snake hunting tonight during the dust hour and a half and found 2 snakes and a deer. I got 300 DNA of Nasuto from my alliance and Wa-La!!

Now I have a full set of Unique’s.


Oh Man! One last one to get. I’ve been chasing completing my dinodex for the last 4 updates getting to 2 and 3 before the next update dropped and I think I’m finally going to do it.

Not Collected


Nice :ok_hand:t2:
Just got my epic deer to L20.
100/250 for the unique.

I haven’t even found any eucladoceros yet. Expect the 15 dna from tournament. :expressionless:

Pop a giga scent during dawn and dusk, because that’s when they’re out.

Yeah I’ve been doing that since eucladoceros was released. Im super unlucky with it. Im gonna try epic scent today at dusk.

I got a bunch of euclado when mammoth hunting with epic scents

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Congratulations! Right now with Testacornibus I am 130/250. For Mammolania I am 220/250.

i went rex hunting and found two mammoths alto i also found pyro and rex.

I’m at 180 with Testacornibus, then my dex is complete.
Congrats @Oriondestiny!

Congrats. Hopefully you will get Arctops from strike events.