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Last update advertisement question

Can’t find it or didn’t feel like looking very hard but either way. Around the time the last update came around i think there was an ad in the news feed for some kind of VIP pack/discount or something that was going to be coming our way. Some people speculated a double stygi pack but we really never found out.

Don’t remember seeing anything like that available since what’s the deal?

I remember picking up a twin stygi pack for 75k lp a while back, (maybe january I’m not so sure), havent seen any discounts lately though or news of any, I’m constantly checking the LP market aswell so il be the first to share when I do find something.


Was there really for 75,000 LPs?
I don’t remember ever seeing an offer like that!
And it doesn’t seem convenient at all!


It was a vip only offer, it does seem a lot but when one stygi costs 50k your getting the other one for half that amount.


Was mentioned in this topic.

Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 10.24.23 AM

Might have just been new real cash pack being offerend who knows it was so vague


I was so excited by the new s hybrid and albertosaur that I completely missed that :man_facepalming:

Maybe someone else has knowledge on what was on offer? @Andy_wan_kenobi @Sionsith @Jurassic_Fury maybe?

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I think they were just those discounted Sauria Alpha, etc packs. If I remember correctly there weren’t really any VIP exclusive offers as such.


What @Jurassic_Fury said☝🏼


I’m really bad about not even looking at those offers


Guess I will just keep holding out for that VIP pack discount that may or may not ever happen. Last discount on VIP/LP packs was last November if I remember correctly.