Last update hurt the fair play


It’s very hard and expensive to build a roster in this game and suddenly the Dinos skills have been changed , you need to announce if those skills changes are going to happen in the future again cause now lots of creatures are way better than before and some are way weaker. That hurt the fair play and it’s unfair . Ive wasted so much coins on a creature that now are enough longer effective as before.

The newest update ruined the game

Feel same …money back Ludia


I just told this to another player, this isn’t Ludia’s complaint website, if you wanna complain send them an email at, this is a place to ask questions about the game that other players may know the answer, like “How do I create a hybrid?” At least the other person asked about something in the game in particular, this is literally just saying about how you think that you are so much better because you have spent money on the game and how you are disappointed about the update. I have about the exact opposite opinion and think that the update is awesome. You can’t just write a complaint about the game in the community and expect all your money to be flowing back into your back account. If you want Ludia to actually read your complaint just send them an email, it’s that easy!


Creatures like Stegosaurus or Parasaurolophus are basically OP with their cleansing attack, which also reduces opponent’s speed. Same goes with Erlikosaurus, which can increase it’s speed every turn (but that was already present in the game for a while). I don’t like new design of map, but I can finally open at least 2 supply drops, without going outside (I can’t use my Wi-Fi outside my home, so I just need to hope, that something spawns near me). Battles are now harder, because of the early mentioned common dinosaurs’ heavy buff, but I like the ability to battle with friends and missions, for which you get bucks. I just hope, that Ludia will nerf Stego, Para and others.


Vertigo - I think para is dismal now. It used to be a great common due to stunning impact , and for those of us who mainly encounter & evolve commons & struggle for rare / epics) is was a good battle dino as fast and good stun chance & could evolve to decent HP but now it has lost that stun its now dismal in battle in comparison


But now it has cleansing attack, which also reduces speed.


They announced the update like a week ago and described all of the changes in detail. I recommend checking out Ludia’s Twitter page sometimes.


what are you talking about? they literally had pyroraptor incubators only a couple weeks ago for real money. then feather epic incubators not too long ago either that were 4000+ bucks (at least at my level). imagine if someone got all of those and then updated the game to see pyroraptor made worse than rare raptors.


Then that would be a lesson on how games with PvP elements work and perhaps on the value of money


I don’t know if you work for Ludia or whatever but fi someone wants to politely complain that someone should be able without having you intervene as a schoolteacher, how about for once you support players who are truly disappointed and feel let down about something in the game?