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Last Week’s Hookfang Event

Incoming rant.

So last week’s Hookfang event, I fought the last node and defeated it, but the game froze on a “loading” screen for over 15 minutes. I did everything I could think to do; disconnected WiFi, navigated to a different app (with TU still open), turned on airplane mode to force a reconnect, but nothing worked. In the end my only choice was to restart the app. When I did, it said that I hadn’t defeated the last node but it had taken my energy.

I contacted support in game, provided screenshots showing there were no enemy dragons left with my full team, the loading screen, and the event saying I still had the last node to complete. When they finally responded, they granted me energy, but no trust points. When I inquired about it, they said that “because I didn’t defeat the node, no trust points were lost, and none will be given as compensation”. But I DID defeat the node, their stupid loading bug just screwed me out of it. I said that I had defeated it though, and that it didn’t seem fair. And their response was “when you went back to the event, it still showed you were able to play the node, so it only took your energy”.

This still seems like a bunch of bs to me. I had defeated the node but because of their buggy game, I wasn’t properly rewarded for it, and it seems they won’t do anything about it. Yes, I got extra energy, but I wasn’t granted the 20 TP I rightfully earned but was screwed out of. I’m so frustrated. Am I wrong in my thought process here?

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Hey @emtotts,

You’re not in the wrong to ask and sorry to hear that your game froze during the last node of the Hookfang event. Our support team always checks the player’s game data to ensure they’re being compensated fairly. I understand that you’re upset about not getting the 20 TP back, I trust our staff in compensating what is owe to you. Were you close to unlocking Hookfang?

@Marcus I was at 670 before and should’ve been at 690 after that. I went back later and beat the node and eventually got Hookfang during the event. It’s just the fact that I feel I was jipped out of those additional 20 TP.

In all honesty, I’d feel a bit ruffled too.

I get the thought process behind their decision. Technically you didn’t defeat the node, so you didn’t receive the points and none were necessarily taken away. All that you really lost was time and energy.

At the same time, you lost time and energy. And this was a timed event. With support being backlogged, you might not have gotten a response in time and, if you were 20 TP away from getting Hookfang, that could have been the make or break of earning him. That sucks. And, you know, on top of that, isn’t the final node something like 7200 BP? That could have been a difficult battle.

So, yeah. I can completely understand if you felt like you were brushed off. I’m sure they didn’t intend to come off that way, and I’m sorry that it sounds like you received compensation by technicalities. Sometimes that’s the best they can do. :confused: