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Late game (level 90) land expansions

I’m level 90 and have been for a few of weeks now.

I’ve done all of the expansions for coins.

I still had a few left and I did all of the ones for Dino Bucks. I guess I thought the total number of expansions was capped somewhere.

But, for the last 2 weeks, every times I do the “last” one, a new one opens to be expanded.

Where does this end?

And better yet, they are moving a weird way in the far lower left corner… I’d rather pick better spots to expand.

Am I missing something?

I can post screen shots if needed.

Pardon the mess… Haven’t started to organize this island at all so things just kind of get dumped wherever they land… But I think I got a representative set of pictures of that island to show you what is currently unlockable. It’s definitely a bit weird what is and what isn’t. Let me know if you want a different angle!


Oh, if that is the case, I’m on the last one right now as can be seen in your second picture.


To bad they didn’t make it more square or rectangular.

Agreed! I’m kind of holding off with a “master plan” until I can plan for the whole thing. So, very eager to get the rest of the expansions!

I placed all my herbivores on that island.