Late night spawns not safe for to those who live in unsafe areas


This is not just the women card… But to anyone who can’t go out late for general safety purposes. I think they should scrap the morning /mid day /evening /night rotation and just have the mix of all the dinos all the time… Any suggestions or feedback from the community?


I live in DC. I started to learn the streets that are safe and stick to those. People get shot…kids abducted…people getting run over. I try to be smart though.


There would be too many dinos on the map and it would be hard to go hunt for something specific if they mixed it up. You’d get a little of this and that but not a lot of what you’re really looking for.


I don’t want to se Drecorex Gen2 anytime.:cry:


One day you will when an update comes out and it’s required for a Unique dino, haha


I already see way too much Draco2 here. They’re becoming as big a nuisance as Iguanodon.


I would say to know your areas where you live. Avoid the ones you should avoid, and go to the ones that are safe.

Gangsters and hooligans gotto play the game too… lol


It’s times like this, that I am glad to be living in one of the safest places on earth. Can pretty much go hunting in the wee hours and it’s as safe as in the day. Something that I take for granted until I read this thread, I think.


I have a suggestion to solve this, remove dawn and dusk, put all those dinos at night, then flip day and night spawns each week or something.


Or, use your brains and don’t go out at night if you genuinely think you could be in danger…

Common sense surely prevails?


When I’m hunting at night, I never go alone. My neighborhood isn’t unsafe, but there’s just enough dark patches to wonder how tempting a target I make solo. I generally go either with my husband or a friend who’s playing Pokémon, plus we walk the dog (he LOVES this game because he’s getting much longer walks out of it). We take turns holding the leash and keeping an eye on the street, or hunting dinos and supply boxes etc.

It works pretty nicely for us. Having a dog to walk probably helps with the safety issue too, as he’s just big enough (35-40 lbs) that anyone wanting to mess with us might worry about him, if he decided to get protective. He’s very friendly, but he’s also capable of a fairly menacing growl that he’s used a couple of times.


Yeah, I’m lucky too. Really safe city so I can go out (and often do) from about 10pm to 1am or 2am on my bike. Never have to worry. (Except that I have no life…)


That’s what I do… but I’d like to have access to some of those night dinos too.


At least youve got a brain


I don’t live in a dodgy area but even I don’t bother going out at night to hunt dinos. Walking around at night with my phone in my hand is asking for trouble regardless of the area you live in. However, having said that, during summer days I will do it more as it stays lighter longer, but in winter, nope, only day time hunting for me.

If you go out at night and something happens, well, you gotta take responsibility for that.


there are no late night spawns. the same dinos spawn at 8:00 PM as midnight and 2:00 AM and all the way up until about 6:00 AM.

if you live in an area like that, the least of your concerns should be catching virtual dinosaurs.


Well technically there are a few aren’t there ? Baryonx?


actually just darted a baryonyx at like 6:30 AM today. thought it was only at night too :confused:


My neighborhood is just as dodgy at 8pm, 12a, 6a, etc. Fortunately, I work in a better part of town where I catch most of my dinos, and can stick to safe areas when not. It’s just hard ignoring those epics that spawn late at night. Just wish I didnt have to…but alas, it’s just a game.


One evening I was out walking and stopped to do a dino. I noticed movement behind my phone down on the street. It was a family of skunks. They all walked right by me single file just 2 feet in front of me. I stood like a statue after darting till they were well off the road.