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Latest Matchmaking Bad Match

Just for the record… I just won a PvP battle. I didn’t use any strategy, I didn’t use any amazing high-level superhybrids. In fact, I could have won the battle without ever actually choosing a move or a creature (it just would’ve prolonged my opponent’s agony) – heck, I would’ve won if I turned off my phone and let the server run the show. I opened with my L20 Tyrranolophosaur to kinda get him out of the way – he bites very well but has a glass jaw – and never had to swap in another dino.

Why is this worth mentioning? Because of the 4 dinos assigned to my team, none were lower than level 20. The opponent I was matched with opened with a level FIVE Nundasuchus, which died quickly to make way for a level SIX Einiosaurus, which died quickly to make way for a level SEVEN Irritator Gen 2, which didn’t last any longer than its previous two partners.

What kind of “match” is it to throw a team entirely level 20-23 against a team where the most advanced creature encountered is level SEVEN?!? C’mon, Ludia…

That’s most likely a high level player who is trying to drop to lower arenas.

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Yes its called arena dropping and it’s making a comeback


I was just matched against lvl 27+ Dino’s and my highest is 25…and that’s only one, not a full squad!! Smh

Matchmaking is horrible and with the ability for them to drop and destroy us lower level players it’s not so fun anymore

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Each on my team is boosted one or max two tiers and this is what I face

I was matched with a user who showed less than 4800 tophies as their high score. Level 29 Rinex and Erlidom were low creatures on their team. They absolutely cleaned me out. I queued up again and was paired with the same user. They played absent, did not make a move. Level 30 rat was their second out and just did basic strike. I figured they were slumming to farm boosts and hit their high trophy mark so just started the game to lose a few hundred trophies.

Amount of droppers is ridiculous… now don’t get me wrong, I’ve dropped in the distant past but never swapped in my high levelled team to climb back up. Always used my knowledge of the creatures and strikes to get the advantage. Really fun as I got to use the creatures I gained but never used. Nowadays it’s all about dropping so you can win a lot of battles fast, harvesting incs so their boost addiction can be satisfied. Time to not only limit the amount of battles on top (as they tried by slowing the timer) but also limit the amount of arenas you can drop. One down is more than enough. (In case you get your behind kicked in your own arena)