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Latest PvP fix made it horrible and not viable

With the latest PvP release I was top100 near 4100 point near the 100th mark.

Now I’m at 3777 point and guess what I’m still near the 100th in rank.

Right now with the latest patch you fixed the PvP for most I guess but made it unplayable for those that aren’t too spender but still ahead of the masse.

When I want to find a battle for PvP I have to wait for the option on bot or opponent. If I pick bot they are level 20 and unbeatable it just a waste of time.

And if I want to go on and find an opponent I only get matched against top player with level 16+ on Rooster so it as worst then playing bot.

Basicly for us around 3500-4000 point we aren’t enough to find opponent of our strength we get crushed by bot or by those that play this game non stop with insane team.

What make it worst is with bot unbeatable for mostly everyone and top player never loosing you have bot removing trophy from a trophy economy (there is less and less trophy available for the real player while before there was endless trophy from bot). This is a system that over time the top 50 player will horde all the trophy while bot will make it so there is less trophy across all player

If I could ask for one thing is either keep your system like this but with fair bot or go back to 2 week ago system and both case shorter queue before being offered bot would be nice

I have to admit I am a little fuzzy because I just woke up but I am not really getting the gist of your complaint.

There have been a lot of complaints about the new pvp, some valid and some not in my mind.

If I am getting some of what you said wrong please tell me.

You are in the same standing more or less that you were before but with less trophies. When I look at the top guys I see that the overall trophy count is lower.

You said, and I agree, that these lesser trophies come from less bots adding trophies to the total. I personally go back and forth on that. From what I experienced, bots were relatively easy to beat except for on the occasions when they were overpowered. Overall I gained trophies from bots. This have me a higher trophy count, not by being a better player with a stronger team, but just by playing more. This is good and bad. A player who plays more but who is weaker could be higher than a stronger player who just doesn’t play as often.

Your statement of the top people hoarding is something I might worry about more if the season didn’t reset every few week. I think we are down to 7 or 8 days now

Well you could say that with this current system there is less and less people that will be able to reach league over 4000 and even less the one over 4500 I predict if nothing change after last reset there will be less then 50 to reach over 4500 and less then 100 over 4000. Right now there is 93 person over 4000 and. 48 over 4500. Something is wrong when you have 5 league and such a small % of the player base can get those reward for the 4500+ I would aim for something like 5 to 1% 4000+ 15% and plus.

I understand that but since the leagues are new nothing is lost from the old system.
If so few people make it into the higher leagues during this season or maybe even the next then we should maybe worry about it.

I am in the top 400-500 ish when all of my characters are level 13 or less. That means I am only 65 percent of the way to the max for character level and with each level being progressively harder than the last, I think I am in a pretty fair spot. It should take extra work to reach the pinnacle. My problem with pvp before the recent changes and the problems they caused was that once you reached 2200 trophies, which wasn’t that hard, there was nothing to strive for. I like that there are some challenges ahead and that there is a reason to strengthen my characters

I just thought of something else as well. To progress through pvp first there are 7 arenas you have to clear and then 5 leagues for a total of 12.

If people were evenly distributed through, that would be 8.5% in each area and yet you think the top 15% should all be in the same top league and you said 5-10% in the second. That would put 1/5 to 1/4 of the people in the top 2 leagues

That is way different than these things actually work. The highest amount of people should all be in the middle zones with fewer and fewer the farther away you get.

I meant the % of player on the last arena.

Well if 15% were above 4000 they would be in the last two leagues. Which is still too many in my book. Like I said before the average if evenly split would be 8.5 per “area” which would be 17% in the last two. However, there should be vastly more in the middle than there should be at the top. If half of the people were in the middle 6 of the 12 areas that would leave 25% for the 3 above and 25% for the 3 below. It should be progressively harder to get from one level to the next so I would say something like a breakdown of 15%, 7% and 3%. Which would put 10% in the top two.

I still think 15% is too much, but I will be honest with you, before I started typing that out and doing the math I would said that 10% was to high as well

Well altogether reward based on flat ranking rather then trophy count would have been much better

I’d have to think about that one but I wouldn’t disagree off hand. If their intent is to Be sure and group certain percentages in each area that would definitely be the way to go.

Just wanted to say as well that I wasn’t saying you were wrong in your idea of the best approach. I just personally happened to disagree. Very few things are either one way or another and equally intelligent people can look at something and come up with two completely different ideas of what is best

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