Latest raid bugged

Latest raid is bugged. Black dragon on hidden forge tiles.

Hey @Quaid33, thanks for the info! Our team is aware of the visual glitch and they are investigating. :mage:

It also seems to freeze after party dies and have to force quit app. Numerous people have said it is happening to them also.

Thanks for letting us know @Lonesomepixel, I will report this to the team as well!

It also doesnt seem to add the raids…i have done probably 300 rooms and it seems i am going nowhere… the percentage amount never seems to move and the rest of the clan are contributing well too…its is a waste of time if thats the case…

You can use the leaderboards to track your exact numbers before and after a run to make sure the rooms are being recorded. All my numbers have been adding up this week, but I have seen it miss runs before.