Latest ToM is a succes

Just wanted to let the team at Ludia know that this event is great. Not too long good payoff I can tell that in our guild most were really pleased about it and had a great experience.

Keep the good work. Just need a few more tweak like making visible the trophy count used during the event.


Good to hear someone finally likes it. I was again defeated early and often. Still disappointed on my end.

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And 50 gems to re-up? Have they no shame?

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Even if you recharge 3 times it still not much for all the reward. (At least one legendary)

I agree. However my luck has been poor in recent events So much so that I’m worried that 3 recharges won’t get me there. I’m willing to try again based on the reviews but admit that if my luck doesn’t change soon I’m forever jaded.

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Ok I’ll eat my words. 150 gems later I finally won. On the last attempt too. It was worth it overall.

Hey @Krom. I would agree. Most in my guild who commented on the event were also pleased with this ToM, though a few were still annoyed with the wide range of matchmaking resulting in some unfair battles.