Latest tournament reward not showing + alliance feed broken

First things first. I ahvent gotten the supposed trophy pvp fight prize and i know i qualified for it to occur. Next, the alliance chat/request feed is only showing a miminum of three requests (maybe four) and i cannot use the message function! PLEASE FIX

Hey Cie_Talvon, our team is still looking at the results from the Season 3 PVP. We’ll be sure to let everyone know once the rewards are ready to be sent out, so make sure to keep checking back. If you’re having issues with the Alliance chat and notifications, could you try rebooting your game and see if that helps?


Yeah… same for me… I’m above 3000 trophies, yet no reward…

It always take about 5 days

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It takes a handful of days for them to be sent out. Should be within the week

Usually it takes them 5 or so days to give rewards

I want my incubator and I want it now.



anyone else finish with over 2500 trophies and not get a reward yet?

Hey there, @Stephan_Irwin, I can confirm that you haven’t missed anything since rewards have not yet been sent out! I’m not able to say exactly when they should arrive, but it should be fairly soon. You’ll receive an in-game notification once the rewards go out.

The first 2 tournaments the prizes went out friday. So u could probably assume that again

ok thank u