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Latest update fixed my friends list finally!


Wow! Been broken since 1.5 but finally I can play guest! :smiley:

… and guest

… and guest

…and guest!

Awesome :expressionless:


It might be a new RNG feature! Hey, click a guest and see who you get lottery

At least I might be able to play friendly battles again now… might… need to test this theory.


Those are just place holders because you literally just opened the game about 4 seconds ago

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I know this… :shushing_face:

I was being serious hoping it is actually fixed :wink::crossed_fingers:


Better delete my post

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They are popping up now 1 by 1…

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No don’t it looks like someone cares :kissing_heart:

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Okie. But to the point: lidia has lots of bugs to fix.
I’m mad to the point I let autocorrect change lidia.

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Will report back on whether or not it is actually fixed now once I’m done putting myself through the masochistic pleasure of actual battles in this tournament tonight :wink:

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Damn Lidia and their tardiness fixing bugs for players

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That Lidia shakes fist

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Well now my list is doing it. Can’t see my online or friend requests