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Laughing Emote

Can anyone tell me how to get the laughing DNA emotes please?

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This emote was only available in april fools dodo boss incubator strike event

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I think it was before this because I think it was the badge in the incubator
But anyway, unless it comes out in a purchased incubator or it comes out in this April Fools 2022, it is not possible to get


You can get it from an achievement. If I remember correctly it’s miss 100 or 1000 darts fired on an epic creature. Super easy to do.

I thought the missed epics got you something else, but thanks guys

You are right, it’s the thumbs down emote. I don’t remember then how to get the laughing one.


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The badge was available on the dodo April fools thing, the emote i think can be collected through raid incs and gold pvp battle reward incs

No that’s a different emote.

I believe the laughing on was one we got for free, from ludia.